At Karako Cleaning Services we see sustainability as a significant factor when discussing a CLIENT SERVICE PLAN. As professionals we believe it is our responsibility to care for the environment, which is why we have developed a comprehensive environmental management system. This system aims to identify products that could adversely affect the environment.

We have developed a sustainability system which protects the environment. The system aims to identify any products that may adversely harm the environment. Our team is constantly kept up-to-date with our system as per our in-office weekly meetings.

Given our extensive experience and knowledge combined with our passion for a sustainable future, we have developed environmental procedures for our clients at very cost effective prices. We have introduced many environmental programs on our sites for clients with great success.

As part of our commitment to our clients and the environment we offer the following environmentally friendly products and services

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Karako Cleaning Services provides the following environmentally friendly products:

  • Chemical free cleaning products and machinery
  • Steam cleaning
  • Reusable microfibre cleaning cloths
  • Water recycling products
  • Biodegradable products
  • Recycled and environmentally friendly toilet requisites
  • Environmentally friendly chemicals
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Recycling Requirements

Karako Cleaning Services has a range of recycling requirements, being subject to the needs of our clients:

  • Cardboard recycling
  • White office paper recycling
  • Co­mingle recycling
  • Electronic waste recycling
  • Toner cartridge recycling
  • Battery recycling
  • Environmentally friendly liquid waste treatments