Employment Process


Pre Screening

We have a philosophical belief that the root cause of all problems starts at the recruitment phase of the employment process of any business. That’s why we only hire the best in the industry. We require all potential candidates in our employment process to provide the following:

  • Evidence of their eligibility to work in australia
  • A criminal record check (DIMA)
  • Evidence of their residency status


It is compulsory for all supervisors to take the candidates through our codes and standards manual. This is a comprehensive document detailing their duties, including requirements if things go wrong. Thereafter, a written examination is required to be completed to ensure they have a thorough understanding of their commitment to our clients.

On-Site Training

On-site training and employee performance is constantly monitored within our organisation. A supervisor will have the responsibility to give them on-site training to ensure they understand and acknowledge the importance of going above and beyond for our clients.